Hot Roll Steel

This is typically cheaper than the cold rolled steel due to its lesser cost of production.

Hot rolling is done by reheating steel at a high temperature, which is above the steel’s recrystallization temperature.

When the steel cools off, it shrinks and takes the shape and size of a finished product. Hot rolled products are used in welding and general construction to make I-Beams.

Product Specifications

# Dimension Dimension Alternative Lenght
1 4×8×3mm 1220×2440×3mm short
2 4×8×4mm 1220×2440×4mm short
3.  4×8×5mm  1220×2440×5mm short
4.  4×8×6mm 1220×2440×6mm short
5.  4×8×8mm 1220×2440×8mm short
6.  4×8×10mm 1220×2440×10mm short
7.  4×8×12mm 1220×2440×12mm short
8.  4×8×10mm 1220×2440×10mm short
9.  4×8×12mm 1220×2440×12mm short
10.  4×8×16mm 1220×2440×16mm short
11.  4×8×20mm 1220×2440×120mm short
12.  4×8×30mm 1220×2440×30mm short
13.  4×8×40mm 1220×2440×40mm short
14.  4×8×50mm 1220×2440×50mm short
15.  4×16×4mm long
16.  4×16×6mm long
17.  5×20×3mm 1500×1600×3mm long
18.  5×20×4mm 1500×1600×4mm long
19.  5×20×5mm 1500×1600×5mm long
20.  5×20×6mm 1500×1600×6mm long
21.  5×20×8mm 1500×1600×8mm long
22.  5×20×10mm 1500×1600×10mm long
23.  5×20×12mm 1500×1600×12mm long