cold steel at jamek steel company

Cold rolled sheet is a more refined type of hot rolled steel, its manufacturing process involves cooling the material at room temperature and then rolling into desired forms.

The process results in materials with higher yield points, excellent finish, straightness, concentricity and tolerance.

They are used for projects with high  preference for more specific dimensions and qualities like tolerance, concentrically, straightness and excellent finish.

Product Specifications

# Dimension Dimension Alternative Lenght
1 4×8×0.6mm 1220×2440×0.6mm short
2 4×8×0.7mm 1220×2440×0.7mm short
3 4×8×0.8mm 1220×2440×0.8mm short
4 4×8×0.9mm 1220×2440×0.9mm short
5 4×8×1.0mm 1220×2440×1.0mm short
6 4×8×1.2mm 1220×2440×1.2mm short
7 4×8×1.5mm 1220×2440×1.5mm short
8 4×8×2.0mm 1220×2440×2.0mm short