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Our Products

Our steel products ranges from steel rods, chequered plate, flat bar irons, galvanized pipes, H channel, square and round steel pipes, u channel beam, z purline, cold and hot rolled sheets, equal/unequal angle iron and many more
U Channel (UPN)

H Channel (IPE) from Jamek Steel Industries are now available at the best affordable price, get yours today.

Black or White Square Pipes

The steel plate is an advanced material made from iron plates.

Unequal Angles

Unequal Angles from Jamek Steel Industries, these are very important for your construction, we have them in bulk for your order at the lowest prices

H Channel (IPE)

H Channel (IPE) from Jamek Steel Industries are now available at the best affordable price, get yours today.

Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized Pipes from Jamek Steel Industries for everyone looking for the best quality are now available in stock.

Flat Bar Irons

Flat Bar from Jamek Steel Industries are highly durable and you will get them for the lowest prices

Hot Rolled Sheet

Hot-rolled steel is produced by a rolling method at temperatures.

Cold Rolled Sheet

We produce products made by pressing steel at low temperatures.

Z Purline

Z Purline at Jamek Steel Industries are available for sale now, we have different sizes at your request and you can pre order before coming to pick them up, we also offer transportation

Equal Angle Iron

We stock Equal or Unequal Angles, ranging in a variety of sizes.

Chequered Plate

We have a variety of sizes and gauges (thickness) of chequer plate.

Steel Pipes

We offer a wide selection of stainless steel pipes and tubes.

Steel Rods

Steel Rods from Jamek Steel Industries are the industries finest, they are in various sizes and thickness.

Rounded Pipes

Rounded Pipes from Jamek Steel Industries, we offer you the best rounded pipes that are non corrosive and affordable.

Bolts and Nuts

We have Bolts and Nuts of various sizes, any of the sizes you desire. They are the most important pieces of construction to hold metal joints together.

Committed to High Quality Service

We have furnished steel for many of the largest construction projects in Nigeria and have the estimating, detailing and fabricating experience to manage any project!
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